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A Tudor in the White House?

Self-made billionaire Dakota Wynford is outraged by Robert Vlakas, the megalomaniac President of the United States.

When Vlakas comes after her cybersecurity company, she becomes convinced that the only way to save her company—and America—is to find a champion to defeat him in the 2028 Presidential election.

To win, she needs someone brilliant.
And charming.
And experienced.
And ruthless.

She needs Queen Elizabeth I.

And so do we. Join the campaign.

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About the Author

Maria Vetrano

Maria Vetrano tried to save the whales when she was nine-years old. It didn’t quite work. But that didn’t quell her desire to ease some of the world’s ills in some small way, even if only through fiction.

QUEEN BESS is her first novel. It’s also the first book in a planned trilogy about Dakota Wynfred—the billionaire we wish existed in real life—and Elizabeth Rex, formerly known as the last Tudor queen. 

Maria lives with her human and animal family in Woburn, Massachusetts.

She is represented by Maura K. Phelan of Greenlight Literary & Media.

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Author Maria Vetrano